About us

Groensdael Equestrian passion for nature and animal, with knowledge .

The  family Nijskens is the driving force behind Groensdael Equestrian.                                                                                                                                         

The agro-and equestrian sector has no secrets for the family, since she has been at the head of the  professional Insurance practice  APP Brokerage for 30 years.       

With Groensdael Equestrian, the family wants to pass on its passion for and knowledge about nature and animals through clinics in a soothing and professional framework.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Michel Nijskens is an Insurance broker, but  certainly also a farmer, in heart and soul. Every free hour, he can be found on his tractor or with the animals.
He started APP Brokerage to continue his passion for  agriculture in his profession as an Insurance broker.

Viviane is also passionated about animals and helps where she cans. If it is not on the office, it is in the stables.

Both people and animals, can always contact her.
Michel and Viviane have passed on their passion to their daughter Lauren. She is the horand to learn as se girl in the family. She likes to deal with horses in a respectful way and to learn as much as possible.

Who are we?

Michel Nijskens
Lauren Nijskens
Viviane Schuermans