Noora Ehnqvist

I come from Finland, the land of wild forest and lakes, but I have already for years lived mostly or partly in other countries. I could say that I live with the ‘wind of Life’. My horse lives in France and I travel a lot to Holland and Finland to give clinics, Zensitive-groups and other events. Travelling also to other countries is very inviting for me. Languages that I speak are English and Finnish.

I’ve seen all kinds of results with horses but less unselfish steps towrds them. For me, the soul and dignity of the horse, and us, are always the main importance. Horses are honest, pure and capable to change and to forgive; humans can learn a lot from them. In all teaching I put a big emphasis to openness, honesty and mutual respect.

Horses are not just tools of humans but soulful individuals with pride and strength; it’s our responsibility not to shut down their power but to support and guide it.

Teachers of life
My teacher of life was the that-time-withdrawn horse named Porne who showed me, after opening up, the depth, wisdom and sensitivity of horses. I knew I had found my life path although I didn’t yet know where it would lead me.

I dedicated my life for learning more and forwarding this wisdom Porne had showed me. I moved to Holland with Porne and in the same year I started Klaus Hempfling’s schooling in Denmark.

Klaus’ unique awareness, sensitivity and respect for the soul of horses opened my eyes and heart truly. For years I’ve had the honor to learn from him. What Klaus is and does is a result of huge dedication to the entire authenticity of his life. He doesn’t provide methods.

Klaus can open people’s eyes, help them to feel and show his way to authenticity. The rest is up to people themselves, like my path is on my own responsibility.

Warmth, nature, dancing
Sun, warmth and dancing are, among my work, very important elements for me; my source of energy and inspiration. Also, I need to live with clean nature, warm atmosphere and open people. That’s who I am, walking my path right now and being grateful for it every day. Life is such a gift!