Kenneth Vansweevelt

I haven't learned techniques but the psychology of training rider and horse "

Horses have been my life since childhood. My mother was also under the spell of horses at home. Already 23 years, since January 4, 1995, I have the privilege to have this powerful animal on my path. I grew up without traditional riding lessons, which is now my strength. I have not learned to force the horse in an attitude but to trust him and to give him freedom. In a natural way I developed communication with horses, gained experience through trial and error, looking for a solution within my own knowledge and research by experimenting.

Until I met Trueno in January 2008, I only went for walks in the forest. He was my biggest challenge. Several years passed. In 2011 I had a serious accident with him and I had to search for a solution. I have searched many ways, from Spanish rding school to military. No solution was found. However, I did not give up my hope. In 2013 I saw an inspiring video by Ilse her beautiful horse Aquero. She brought me on the path of academic riding.

After some research into this new road, I quickly achieved positive results. People saw the changes in my horse and quickly asked for help. My career as an instructor started without me knowing it.

Perrine Coolsaet was my first instructor. Trueno and I have gone through major developments. He developed from explosive to, after a while, a reliable and well-raised horse. After six months I had the opportunity to follow a clinic with the grand master in the academic riding art Bent Branderup.

My first clinic with Bent Branderup has (for a long time) had a big impact on me. Until today I still discover what he told me then."You are educating your horse wrong", he said at the end of a half-hour tacit lesson. A sentence that touched your hart as a horse lover because you want to do everything for your four-legged friend. His silence has taught me more than words can ever convey. In March 2015 I passed my ground and lung test at Bent Branderup in academic art of riding.

I stopped my studies in Civil Engineering Architecture to dedicate myself to training horses and guiding students. My search continued in September 2015. I have been on internship at Bent Branderup for 3 months. A life-changing period. Everything was thrown upside down. Almost no contact with the outside world, in Lindegard you breathe the academic art of riding. Only dedication was possible. After this period, people asked me what I had learned? I also asked myself what I had learned exactly. I now have a clear answer. I haven't learned techniques, but the psychology of training rider and horse.

After my intensive period at Bent, I traveled to Gotland. I had an exceptional experience at the Ekeskogs riding academy from Hanna Enström. Hanna allowed me to train her horses with her every day. This opportunity gave me time to test my knowledge at Bent on different horses. I was able to teach students in Sweden and I traveled to my students in Belgium on a monthly basis. Since 2016 I have returned home completely. I keep updating myself with grandmasters like Bent Branderup and Marius Schneider. In February 2018, Trueno and I successfully passed the squiret test at Bent Branderup in the academic art of riding.

During all these years I have gained so many impressions that brings me to the knowledge I have today. "In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. " After all these developments, I can reflect even better on my studies of civil engineering architecture. It includes science and art. The horses taught me to put the connection between them.