Heather Nelson

I want to help you become the person that your horse falls in love with. I would like to connect the two of you so that you are both happier together than apart. My dream for you is that your horse will leave her horsey friends and food to spend time with you.
I want your time with your horse to heal, relax, and rejuvenate you.
I want your horse to find that time with you is fun, relaxing and inspiring.
I’ve helped ease the tensions between many horses and people. I’ve helped people and horses to understand each other. I’ve encouraged people to have more fun while they are with their horses and to release the judgement and frustration that is often prevalent in today’s horse industry.

Heather schooling Extra dressage
My background is in dressage, hunter/jumper, hack, ground training and trail riding. I’ve taught children to jump courses on their ponies and adults to hit the trails. I’ve started young and older horses under saddle for a variety of disciplines. I’ve also re-habilitated and re-trained horses that were known as difficult and helped my students to do the same.
However, my favorite moments involve helping people and horses communicate with each other. I love watching people and horses come together with love and understanding.