5days journey to Unity

This clinic has already ended

A 5 days-clinic with Kenneth Vansweevelt, Noora Enhqvist and Heather Nelson to combine the academic art of riding with BodyAwareness and Liberty.

The goal of this week is to search and find how to bring the Academic art of riding and BodyAwareness together: we will build gradually evolving aducation and keep the spirit, minds and harts open.

These elements should work in unity, so they challenge us all to get more clear, deep understanding of the picture.

Noora and Kenneth will teach together and work together with the horse to create interactive discussions with the group about our point of views and how they meet.
This is the reason why we have only five horseplaces, to have enough time for the whole journey together.

What do you get?

with the horse:

with and without the horse:


Here you will find some reviews from guests / participants

Heather Nelson, liberty teacher, 1 van de 3 instructeurs van de clinic

We joined together from Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, and Canada to journey into Unity in a five day retreat at the magical farm of Groensdael Equestrian in Vise.
We dove right in with theory every morning with Kenneth Vansweevelt to help us understand the biomechanics of the horses, then found our bounce and our inner peace and strength with Body Awareness with Noora Ehnqvist.
Participants with horses experienced their practice fully in private lessons. Noora and Kenneth came together to collaborate and simultaneously teach each lesson. It's rare for two instructors to melt their knowledge together this way but the lessons flowed easily and the teamwork provided a beautiful balance.
I worked with the participants in liberty for two out of the five days. It was such a joy to watch people let go and bring their understanding of the energy and the practical side together out in the open field.
Throughout the week the big word for me was "effortlessness." I watched the people and horses find the flow and dialogue that was unique to each partnership.
We also had a ton of fun and learned some salsa from our passionate panther of a dance instructor, Noora!
The experience was so satisfying that we intend to continue on with our journey in three clinics in 2020.


Veerle, toeschouwer 
What a truly amazing journey we had in only 5 days!!
Sweet Horses - open and soulful people - relaxing body awareness sessions - interesting theorie classes - even some salsa dancing and tons of happy pony-energy😄🤩!!

And all this in this truly amazing place all day blessed by the sun!! Thank You so much to all the participants for creating this heartwarming energy together and of course to Kenneth Vansweevelt, Noora Ehnqvist, Heather Nelson and Groensdael Equestrian for making this possible!!